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School Field Trips, Scout troops and Kids Clubs can come learn about pottery through a more extensive lecture on where clay comes from, and the process it goes through to become a finish ceramic piece, followed by a tour of our studio.  

Participants get hands-on experience where children can learn about hand-building and throwing on the pottery wheels.  

For schools or other programs with their own ceramics/pottery programs, we do have the option to do specialized Raku Firing Workshops.

Listed below are the discounted group pricing, given to scout troops and kids clubs.  

To schedule a session, look at our events calendar for availability.  Fill out the form below to request a date/time.


Children learn the basics of making a pinch pot, and how they can add clay to the piece to create a cup or monster head.  However, children are not limited to these projects and can let their creativity flow.

Hand-Building Party Rates

1.5 hours duration, everyone keeps 1 piece, additional pieces are $5 each


We give a demonstration of how to throw a pot on a pottery wheel (spinning the clay).  Children then get to try by themselves.  If needed, we give assistance creating functional pots.

Wheel-Throwing Party Rates

1.5 hours duration

1.5-2 hours duration

2-2.5 hours duration

Hand-Building and Wheel-Throwing

Children get to experience doing both methods.  This is the most common party we put on.

Hand-Building and Wheel-Throwing Party Rates

2.5 hours duration, everyone keeps 2 pieces

3 hours duration, everyone keeps 2 pieces