Party Prices

Private Parties:

Time to celebrate? Birthdays for children and/or adults, family and friend events, reunions, team building, bachelor/bachelorette parties, girls night out, or because the sky is blue-host a pottery party with us! 

We have special rates if you have five or more people in your party.  If you have less than 5 people, please refer to our Private Sessions page.

Options for hand-building, wheel-throwing, or both. We glaze and fire the work and have it ready for pick up in at least 4-6 weeks for a quick turn around. 

Hand-Building Party Rates

1.5 hours duration

Wheel-Throwing Party Rates

2 hours duration

2-2.5 hours duration

2.5-3 hours duration

Hand-Building and Wheel-Throwing Party Rates

2.5 hours duration

3 hours duration

What happens to the Pottery?

During the party you are instructed and assisted by Master Potter, Jacob Grant and his assistants.  The reason for a 4-6 week turn around time table is due to the organic nature of the clay medium, as well as the large numbers of pottery constantly going through our kilns. With the physical and chemical changes clay goes through from point A-Z, Jacob has learned in his 20+ years of working in ceramics that it is best to take time in order to assure the pottery has the highest chance of making it to a beautiful finished functional ceramic ware.  

After the pottery is created, it remains at the studio.  Jacob does finish work to the feet of wheel-thrown pieces.  Next, the clay dries completely before putting it into the first of two kiln firings heating to around 1838 Fahrenheit, turning the clay into what is called bisque-ware ceramic.  If the clay is not completely dry, it will blow up in the kiln.  After that, Jacob hand-dips the pottery into large buckets of glaze (which you get to choose the color), and wipes glaze off the bottom so they don't stick to shelves in the next firing.  Then the pottery is fired to around 2200 Fahrenheit making the ceramic non-porous and melting the glaze to the surface of the pottery, giving it the glassy, shiny colorful surface.  When completely finished, the pottery is water tight, dish-washer safe and microwavable safe.  These pieces will be just as functional as commercial-made pottery, but is even better than the pots you find at any other store because YOU made them! 

Standard color choices are:

Green, orange, blue, white, black, white, brown, violet, red, orange, yellow

If you have any questions, please email:

Refer to our events calendar underneath for possible availability to book your event: Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm (if we don't already have something on our calendar)

To Book your event, fill out the form below the events calendar.

After you fill out and return the form, you will receive a follow up email and an invoice for a $50 deposit to hold the date/time.  The remaining balance of the party is due the date of your event.