Private Classes

Private sessions can be scheduled for wheel-throwing and hand-building.

For available times, you can review our events calendar.

For questions, or schedule a session, please email:

Making Pots on a Pottery Wheel

aka "Throwing Pottery or Throwing Clay"

aka "Spinning Clay or Spinning Mud"

We give a demonstration of how to throw on a pottery wheel to create a pot. Next, we let you try throwing on your own without any instruction (5-10 minutes). Then, if needed, we give you assistance in creating a pot, either through verbal direction, or hand-over-hand instruction (we literally use your hands to make the pot).

Hand Building

aka "Pinch Pots, Slab-Building, or Coil Pots"

Most people who come to our studio are excited to "spin mud" on the pottery wheel. However, there are other ways to create pottery whithout the use of a pottery wheel which is referred to as "Hand-building." If you learn these techniques, you can do them from anywhere (even your home)-you would still need someone to fire the work; we can do this as well.

  • requires less use of water (you usually will not get as dirty)

  • technically easier, therefore one can usually be a little more creative from the start

  • We give demonstrations, let people attempt to create on their own, and give assistance, when needed.

  • Everyone keeps 1-2 pieces

  • Work is left at our studio for finish work, glazing and firing

  • Picked up at a later date

  • Ages 3+, Children younger than 18, require adult supervision

  • No experience necessary

  • You will get to choose one glaze color per piece you want to keep. We keep your pottery at the studio to do finish work, glazing and 2 separate firings. We then contact you when they are ready for pickup.

  • No Previous Experience Required

  • All materials and firing is included for the creation of 1-2 pots (with or without our help)

    • More than 2 pots has additional cost for finishing.

    • 1.5 lbs. of clay per piece created

    • If more than 1.5 lbs of clay is needed to create a piece, there is additional cost for material

    • Additional firing cost for pieces created using more than 1.5 lbs of clay

    • Additional cost for special glazing or use of multiple glazes


  • 1 Person: $50/hour

  • 2 People: $47/person/hour

  • 3 People: $45/person/hour

  • 4 People: $42/person/hour

  • 5 People or more: $35/person/hour