Open Studio

Open Studio

This is available for people with previous pottery experience through our Wheel 101 class, weekly skill building classes, or previous membership at our studio.

Work independently. No instruction or demos. You must clean up after yourself. To utilize any equipment or tools, you must have previous experience and knowledge of how to use them (pottery wheels).

Fee: $10 studio fee (whether you are here for 5 minutes or 5 hours)

Clay cost: $7.50/5 lb. bag of clay

Firing Fee: .06/cubic inch (anything you would like to have finish fired to pick up at a later date)-acceptable thickness of 1/2 throughout the form, or they cannot be fired.

Option to have us finish the pieces (trimming and glazing-cost $5/piece), or you can come finish your own work at a later open studio date.

We do have shelves and lockers available to rent on weekly or monthly basis, if needed, for work in progress.

For upcoming dates, please refer to our events calendar.

To register, please email