Kitty and Puppy Pottery

Do you have a cat or dog who likes getting his/her paws dirty? Do they enjoy trying new things? If so, (and if they don't bite or scratch people much), we offer the opportunity for them to experience throwing pottery with us.

First we give a demonstraton of throwing a pot while your pet observes. Then, with the assistance of the pet owner, we do hand-over-hand instruction, using your pet's paws to feel and manipulate clay as it spins on a pottery wheel. We attempt to create a dog or cat dish, but if the pet is not cooperative, we create one for them. We keep these at the studio for finish work, glazing and firing and notify you for pickup when complete. When finished, they are completely food-safe, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe.

Cost is $50/pet-up to 1 hour (depending on the pet, it could only take 5 minutes or less)

No experience necessary

No age requirement

Pets must be well trained and social

Pet parents have to be present

For available times, please refer to our events calendar under "private parties and sessions"

For further questions, or to schedule a session, please email