Parties for Kids

Ages 3-17, Children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult 1 on 1.

Birthday Parties are a blast with us, but it does not have to be the only reason for kids to come play in the clay with their friends.  Maybe its a snow day or family/friends are in town.  

We have special rates for groups of 5 children or more.  

We have choices of parties where children can experience making functional pots through hand-building, wheel throwing, or both.  The birthday child chooses the glaze colors for the pottery.  A pot is made for the birthday child by Master Potter, Jacob Grant.

Everything created during these parties are kept at the studio for finish work and firing.  When complete, the pottery will be food-safe, dishwasher-safe, and microwave-safe and we notify you for pickup.


Children learn the basics of making a pinch pot, and how they can add clay to the piece to create a cup or monster head.  However, children are not limited to these projects and can let their creativity flow.

Hand-Building Party Rates

1.5 hours duration, everyone keeps 1 piece, additional pieces are $5 each


We give a demonstration of how to throw a pot on a pottery wheel (spinning the clay).  Children then get to try by themselves.  If needed, we give assistance creating functional pots.

Wheel-Throwing Party Rates

2 hours duration

2-2.5 hours duration

2.5-3 hours duration

Hand-Building and Wheel-Throwing

Children get to experience doing both.  This is the most common party we put on.

Hand-Building and Wheel-Throwing Party Rates

2.5 hours duration, everyone keeps 3 pieces

3 hours duration, everyone keeps 3 pieces

For availability, please look at our events calendar.  To schedule a party with us, please email  

We require a deposit of $50 to hold a day/time.